There are not many natural moisturizers available on the market containing CBD. Infinite CBD’s Freezing Point acts as a skin moisturizer and inflammation-fighting beauty product, providing natural nourishment for your skin. No matter who you are, here are 5 reasons why you should be using Infinite CBD’s Freezing Point.

1.) Freezing Point Uses Natural Ingredients

Moreso than ever before, the beauty industry is focused on natural ingredients. Contrary to popular opinion, many lotions and skin care products contain harmful ingredients. Many commercially made lotions contain parabens, which increase the shelf life of products by killing fungus, but they can also hurt your skin. Parabens are just one of the most common harmful ingredients.

Freezing Point contains only all-natural ingredients. From pure CBD Isolate to nourishing coconut oil and peppermint oil, Freezing Point is a product made with the health of your skin in mind. When seeking to improve your skin, why turn to products made with ingredients you can’t pronounce?

2.) Freezing Point Moisturizes Skin

The skin, also known as the epidermis, is the body’s largest organ. Additionally, it is the first line of defense for the body’s immune system, making it an incredibly important part of your body to care for and maintain.

Freezing Point moisturizes skin naturally with coconut oil. Coconut oil is a powerful moisturizer. As a medium-chain triglyceride, coconut oil has the ability to permeate and nourish the skin’s toughest layers. In fact, many massage therapists and physical therapy practitioners use coconut oil in their practice.

3.) Freezing Point Can Relieve Skin Irritation

Many people deal with skin irritation from dry skin, seasonal allergies, or a clinical skin condition. There are a number of ingredients in Freezing Point that can relieve skin irritation.

CBD is known as a natural anti-inflammatory. This means that CBD can help to alleviate any flare-ups that they skin may exhibit due to allergies or a skin condition.

Freezing Point also contains camphor oil, which studies show can relieve itchy or painful skin irritations. Together, CBD and camphor oil help to relieve skin irritation, making Freezing Point a go-to if you experience any kind of skin irritation.

4.) Freezing Point Can Provide Topical Pain Relief

Freezing Point is unique due to its ability to provide topical pain-relief. Not everyone is comfortable with an internal delivery method when it comes to pain relief, making Freezing Point an ideal way to get the relief needed.

Whether you have sore muscles, or general aches and pains, numerous ingredients in Freezing Point help you to find relief. First, studies show that CBD is can help to manage “difficult to treat pain.” With its pain-fight capabilities, paired with its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD helps to naturally relieve sore muscles, achy joints, and bruises. Freezing Point also contains menthol, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus oil, all of which have pain-fighting properties. Together, these ingredients provide you with natural topical pain relief.

5.) Freezing Point is For Everyone

Everyone can use and enjoy the numerous benefits of Infinite CBD’s Freezing Point.

Are you an athlete? Whether you’re casually maintaining your physique or training for a professional sports competition, Freezing Point can help you to recover faster from difficult workouts.

Are you recovering from a serious injury? Millions of people around the world are recovering from a serious injury or trying to manage chronic pain. Freezing Point is a natural pain-relieving alternative.

Do you suffer from a skin condition or allergies that can result in a rash? Freezing Point has ingredients that help to alleviate inflammation and calm skin irritation.

Freezing Point is A Moisturizer with Many Benefits

Freezing Point is more than just a lotion. In addition to being a natural moisturizer, Infinite CBD’s Freezing Point salve and lotion have numerous benefits, making it the perfect product to add to your daily regimen.