Millions of households across the globe have pets. Our pets become far more than their namesake and become important members of the family. Just as we have our own individual health routines, it is important that our pets have one as well. Creating a routine for your pet is probably a lot easier than you think, and will help to keep your pet feeling young, energetic, and ache-free. Here are 5 simple ways to establish a healthy routine for your pet.

1.) Yearly Exams

Taking your pet to their yearly exams is one of the best ways to promote and ensure their health. While we may be our pet’s best friend, we are not trained veterinarians (unless you are, which is awesome!). The vet knows more about your pet than you do, so it is important to schedule and stay up-to-date on the yearly exams of your pet. From vaccinations to heartworm medicine, to confronting with bad habits or alleviating inflamed joints, the vet always knows best!

2.) Grooming

Regular grooming is a big part of establishing a healthy routine for your pet. Not only does grooming keep your pet looking their best, but it keeps them comfortable, heals them to maintain their ideal temperature, and helps to manage any allergies or skin conditions your pet may experience.

3.) Exercise

Sound familiar? Like their humans, pets need to have a consistent exercise routine. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, about 59% of cats and 54% of dogs in the United States are obese. Pet obesity leads to a number of health conditions in our pets, such as inflammation, respiratory and kidney disorders, and skin conditions. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor pet, make sure they’re getting enough playtime.

4.) Nutrition

Every pet has different nutrition needs. Two dogs may need two completely different diets. No two cats have the same dietary needs. Few pet owners cater their pet’s nutrition to their actual needs. Your vet is the perfect person to discuss nutrition with – they will consider the pet, their size, their breed, and any medical conditions that may affect their daily nutritional needs. Your vet can provide you with recommendations about food brands, serving sizes, and even the ideal kind of treats. Establishing the proper nutritional routine will help your pet to live their best, most comfortable life.

5.) Infinite CBD’s Pet Droppers

Infinite CBD’s new Pet Droppers are a perfect supplement to boost the overall health of your pet. Like humans, pets also have an endocannabinoid system. Using endocannabinoid receptors, Infinite CBD Pet Droppers can help to reduce inflammation, alleviate uncomfortable skin conditions, and even regulate the digestive system among other things.

Pet Droppers come in 3 sizes, which you can select based on the weight of your pet. This CBD product is truly made with your pet in mind, and with so many benefits, Pet Droppers make a great addition to your pet’s health routine.

Your Pet’s Health Matters

Establishing a healthy routine for your pet isn’t as hard as you may think. Using these 5 simple strategies, you can help your pet to live a more comfortable, fulfilling, and healthy life.