Whether you’re staying home or traveling, spring break is a busy time of year. Coordinating schedules, watching over your kiddos, managing travel plans are all headache-inducing activities. Unlike last year, when you needed a break from your spring break, CBD now has your back. You can survive spring break this year with CBD.

The Woes of Spring Break

During spring break, we often find ourselves in fun but yet stressful situations. Why do we do this to ourselves every single year? Here are just a few of the circumstances you may find yourself in this spring break. Bonus points if you’re expecting to do more than one!

Stressful Travel Plans

Traveling over spring break this year? Travel agents predict that at least 50% of millennials will be traveling this year. Regardless of your generation, traveling over spring break is very popular.

Road-tripping a few hundred miles? Catching a plane to escape an arctic winter storm? Good for you (especially if you’re taking little ones along with you!)

While traveling often helps us to create some amazing memories, it’s can be very anxiety-inducing and stressful. Sometimes, so much so, that your immune system can be compromised.

Hello, Allergies!

All winter, your allergies have been dormant. You’re on spring break, the flowers are beautiful and blooming and your allergies strike. If you’re like millions of people around the world, you experience allergies throughout the year.

Activities with Kids (Not Woeful, but Stressful)

Staying home or traveling with kids? If so, you’ll probably find yourself at kid-friendly restaurants, in pools, or at amusement parks. Rather than thinking about yourself (because you’re the best), you’re always concerned with your kids and their levels of comfort and fun.

In the meantime, while you’re being selfless and wonderful, you’re probably going to get sick. While we adore them, kids can be quite germy.

A Horrible Hangover

Even when you aren’t spending spring break in some exotic location, a hangover is inevitable. It is too easy to make the mistake of mixing alcohol when you’re out with friends or even on the porch enjoying the perfect summer. We can all agree that hangovers are the worst, and no matter how much experience you have recovering, it never seems to get any easier.

Survive Spring Break With CBD

Spring break is sure to throw a few curves your way, but CBD can help you to survive it!

CBD Boosts Your Immune System

Extensive travel and childcare can be a burden on your immune system, throwing your health out of balance with days or even weeks. Endocannabinoid receptors located throughout the immune system help to transport CBD to compromised cells. As a proven anti-inflammatory, CBD can help to prevent many common illnesses from devastating your immune system.

CBD Helps to Relieve Allergies

Allergies, depending on there severity, can go from an annoyance to a major health issue in no time. A study conducted in 2013 on guinea-pigs suggests that CBD can influence antigen-induced constrictions in airways. This study, paired with another that suggests CBD can suppress allergies triggered by asthma, demonstrates the potential of CBD saving your spring break from allergies.

CBD: A Hangover Remedy?

Your head is pounding after a night out with friends. You’ve chugged water and filled up on carbohydrates, but nothing seems to help your relieve your nausea or headache. Looks like you have a hangover!

CBD can help to alleviate your nausea and headache. Studies have shown CBD’s ability to regulate and relieve nausea, which can allow you to continue to refuel after a night of drinking. Oftentimes, individuals also turn to antioxidants to help rid their body of toxin and free-radicals (courtesy of the alcohol you’ve consumed). As a well-studied and patented neuroprotective antioxidant, CBD helps to restore and protect your cells. Based on these studies, CBD is sure to be the missing piece to your ultimate hangover cure!

Survive Spring Break With CBD

Spring break isn’t always fun and games. While it is usually a blast, there are a few things that oftentimes ruin the fun. This year, you can conquer and survive spring break travel, the inevitable spring allergies, busy schedules with kids, and even hangovers with CBD.


Millions of people around the world have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. In fact, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, roughly 18% of US adults experience anxiety.

Managing anxiety is never easy, however, there are many ways to naturally relieve many common symptoms of anxiety. For you, your loved ones, and friends, here are 5 ways to naturally reduce anxiety.

1.) Take Deep Breaths

Anxiety can creep up on you throughout the day, leading to nerve-wracking and oftentimes dilapidating symptoms.

When anxiety hits, your nervous system initiates the “fight or flight” response, sending adrenaline through your body. This is what leads to your racing heartbeat, fast breathing, and contracted muscles.

Taking deep breaths helps to slow and eventually stop these symptoms of anxiety. Deep breathing engages the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for regulation and relaxation, helping you to naturally reduce anxiety when it strikes.

2.) Exercise

Daily exercise is not only good for your overall health but also helps to naturally reduce anxiety.

For decades, scientists have explored the relationship between exercise and stress relief. In 2001 a study found that exercise has antidepressant and anxiolytic. The study even suggests that clinical psychologists suggest exercise to their patients as a means for alleviating symptoms of anxiety, depression, and general stress.

Whether you take a stroll during your lunch-hour or get to spend some time in the gym, exercise is a healthy and proven way to naturally reduce anxiety.

3.) Spend Time Outside

Remember when you’re parents told you to go outside? Well, they were right in suggesting it is good for you!

Exposure to sunlight alone can have mood-boosting and anxiety-reducing effects. One study found that exposure to sunlight has many health benefits. Sunlight can increase the production of vital hormones, like serotonin, and even creates anxiolytic endorphins.

In addition to sunlight, being outside (sunny or not) helps to naturally reduce anxiety as well. Research has found that doing any physical activity in green space, like parks or forests, helps to relieve stress. This has been found to be particularly true for those who live in cities; for city dwellers, getting into nature helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

4.) Mediate

Meditation is a powerful tool that has become a popular and natural way to alleviate stress and anxiety. Practicing mindfulness helps those with anxiety to manage and compartmentalize their thoughts, break out of an anxious state, and even refocus in their daily lives.

In 2014, a Harvard study sought to understand the long-term effects of meditation on the brain. After a few weeks of meditation practice, MRI’s revealed that the study’s participants had more grey matter in their brains. In the brain, grey matter is a vital part of the nervous system an helps with memory storage, speech, decision-making, and many other functions.

Through meditation, individuals can reach a more relaxed state, thereby reducing their anxiety and keeping their brain strong.

5.) Take CBD

For many reasons, taking CBD daily can help you to naturally reduce anxiety.

When experiencing anxiety, it is not uncommon to experience a drastic increase in blood pressure, which lead to panicky racing thoughts and a rapid heartbeat. Studies have shown that CBD helps to lower blood pressure, helping to keep you in balance even when you’re in an anxiety-inducing situation.

The majority of anxiety management involves emotional processing. When experiencing anxiety processing one’s emotions can seem impossible. Luckily, studies show that CBD can help to facilitate emotional processing, giving you the nudge you need to organize your thoughts and feelings.

Taking CBD is an easy way to naturally reduce anxiety.

Use & Share These Anxiety-Reducing Strategies

Those who experience and manage their own anxiety can often feel like their isolated in their experience. You’re not alone! With these 5 strategies, you can naturally reduce anxiety and better your quality of life. Try them yourself and share them with friends. Together, we can all flourish as we manage our anxiety.


If you’re open to consuming CBD, there are several delivery methods you can utilize. Depending on what your preferences are, you can consume CBD through infused food such as Infinite CBD’s delicious CBD gummies, Asteroids.

About Asteroid CBD Gummies

Although Infinite CBD sells a wide variety of CBD-based products, Asteroid CBD Gummies are a particularly popular product. For those who don’t know, Asteroid CBD Gummies are CBD-infused chewy gummies that each contain 25 milligrams of CBD. Consuming CBD orally is one main delivery method. However, choosing your ideal delivery method depends on your individual situation and reasons for consumption. If you’re interested in trying these delicious CBD gummies, keep in mind that they’re healthy, beneficial, and they contain all-natural flavors.

Reasons to Incorporate These Delicious CBD Gummies Into Your Life

Reason 1: Discreet Consumption & Convenience

Regardless of why you consume CBD, there are several reasons why incorporating these delicious CBD gummies into your life would be beneficial. For example, it’s possible to feel pain or discomfort when you’re out in public. When this happens, it can be difficult to discreetly consume CBD. However, Asteroid CBD Gummies look like gummy candies rather than traditional CBD oil and other CBD products. This means that you can consume these delicious CBD gummies nearly anywhere. In general, Asteroid CBD Gummies are not only discreet, but also convenient to use while out and about. Also, since Asteroid CBD Gummies don’t smell, there’s no need to worry about other people finding out what you’re consuming.

Reason 2: Non-psychoactive Effects

One positive aspect of incorporating Asteroid CBD Gummies into your life is because they’re completely non-psychoactive. Therefore, you can consume these gummies whenever and wherever and not feel a cerebral high. Since these gummies are non-psychoactive, young children can consume them without feeling any kind of high. Thus, parents and adults may be more willing to give their kids these gummies over other products. Also, elderly people can consume these delicious CBD gummies to activate their endocannabinoid system without feeling cognitively impaired.

Furthermore, since Asteroid CBD Gummies are non-psychoactive, users can take them at work or school or while commuting and/or traveling.

Reason 3: Benefits

In addition, another benefit of Asteroid CBD Gummies consists of its health benefits. For example, Asteroid CBD Gummies are gluten-free and dairy-free. They’re also free of gelatin, which is relatively hard to come by regarding gummy candies and infused edibles. Asteroid CBD Gummies contain all-natural flavors, no artificial colors, no dyes, and no preservatives. Therefore, if you’re a vegan, health enthusiast, gluten intolerant individual, and/or someone who wants to eat clean and tasty snacks, Asteroid CBD Gummies fit into those categories.

Reason 4: Appeals to All Ages

On the same note, Asteroid CBD Gummies can be consumed by people of all ages. In particular, children who experience difficulties consuming medicine that has an unpleasant after-taste can consume Asteroid CBD Gummies instead. The flavors of the gummies are juicy yet sweet, which appeal to both children and picky eaters. Specifically, Asteroid CBD Gummies come in green apple, strawberry, grape, blue raspberry, lemon, and orange flavors. Also, these gummies contain less sugar than most traditional gummy candies and CBD infused edibles. If you’re looking for a healthy and flavorful snack that’ll deliver the power of CBD, Asteroid CBD Gummies are worth trying out.

Reason 5: Helpful CBD Starting Point

Another reason why you should consider implementing Asteroid CBD Gummies into your life is because they’re an ideal CBD starting point. The gummies are a starting point for individuals who are at the beginning stage of CBD consumption and for those who have never consumed CBD before. In general, Asteroid CBD Gummies allow users to experiment with cannabidiol and see how their body reacts. For people who are skeptical about CBD and/or cannabis, these gummies can prove how effective CBD can be.

After the consumption of Asteroid CBD Gummies, the effects are typically felt within 30 minutes. At that point, some people experience a flood of both spasm and pain-relief wash over them. Others experience feelings of anxiety-relief and inflammatory-relief. Overall though, anyone can consume Asteroid CBD Gummies including children who are new to Cannabidiol. All in all, the incorporation of CBD-based products deliver various benefits to users depending on their own health issues and individual circumstances.

Moving forward, incorporating Asteroid CBD Gummies in your daily routine may significantly improve your quality of life. It may also help you effectively manage varying levels of pain and inflammation. Young kids, teenagers, millennials, baby boomers, and grandparents can benefit from Asteroid CBD Gummies in one way or another. However, it’s up to you to give the gummies a chance and see how your body responds to them.