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Full Overview: How to Buy Durex Condoms

Considering that the 1500s when prophylactics first developed, proceeded innovations and also breakthroughs have actually revolutionised their use not only for sexual satisfaction, yet also global health. Currently, condoms can be used to stop unwanted pregnancies and venereal diseases like HIV as well as syphilis. As well as among the leaders of this development has actually constantly been Durex.

Whereas the majority of people only see the defense side of condoms, they in fact can as well as do improve the quality of sex. Durex prophylactics are designed to offer an extra experience and satisfaction during sex. Some are ultra-thin for a much more skin-to-skin feeling, some control orgasm offering you a longer long lasting erection and stronger ejaculations, some are layered with spermicide for added protection versus undesirable pregnancies, some are textured with ribs and also dots for additional experience and others are flavoured. All these for you and your companion’s satisfaction!

There is a particular peace and also relaxation that begins when you can appreciate on your own without bothering with appearing expecting or with an STI. In that minute, a prophylactic enters into your foreplay video games. What Lingerie Is Best For My Shy Girlfriend are so on point you will assist your partner slide it on.

While it may be very easy when you already have a brand, Durex condoms been available in different sizes, textures and also styles, colours as well as products, choose the ideal one for you can be frustrating. Here is a complete guide to help you when buying Durex prophylactics.

Tips to Picking Durex Condoms


Durex condoms been available in various dimensions, recognizing that various individuals have differing girths. If you consider on your own typical, opt for ‘nominal width’ which fits upto 56mm girths. If Sex Machines have a bigger penis, look towards the Durex Comfort XL. Just cover a tape action around your penis when set up to obtain the area in millimetres or inches if you are not sure regarding your penis size. Inspect out the Peaches as well as Screams item portfolio as well as select a Durex condom your dimension.


Durex condoms come in various material from latex, non-latex as well as actual feel. Latex is one of the most usual and commonly liked by the majority of people. It is stretchy thus fits well with various penis dimensions. It is likewise non-porous make it extremely effective in preventing maternity as well as spread of venereal diseases. Though, some people often tend to have allergies from Latex. If you experience latex allergic reactions, non-latex materials such as polyurethane as well as polysisoprene are wonderful choices. They are FDA accepted as efficient in preventing stds and also pregnancies

If you are looking for a real- skin-to-skin feel, there are Durex Condoms made from lambskin. These will assure higher satisfaction and also maternity avoidance. Lambskin is highly permeable making these prophylactics inadequate in Sexually transmitted diseases defense. If you are in a lasting virginal partnership seeking to spice up your sex life and integrate condoms as a birth control approach, only utilize them.

Additional Enjoyment and Excitement

To make your sex life a lot more enjoyable, Durex generates prophylactics created to stimulate, sensitize, kink affection as well as supply extra security. Choose depending upon your requirements as well as wishes.

Stimulated: Attempt Durex Textured Condoms

Try out different Durex condom structures until you locate a personal favourite. If you desire a lot more sensation attempt Enjoyment Me vary developed with tactically positioned dots and ribs to increases feeling and also make for an explosive climax.

Mind-blowing: Try Durex Flavoured Condoms

Whether you like it genital, dental or rectal, Durex flavoured condoms can be found in a variety of flavours from strawberry, orange, apple and also more to spruce up your sex life.

Affection: Try Durex Ultra-Thin as well as Real Feeling Condoms

Select a slim condom to allow more body warmth transfer in between you as well as your companion if you are looking for an extreme actual feeling connection throughout lovemaking. For additional intimacy, Durex has thin condoms under the Thin Feeling, Intimate Feel and Ultra-Thin Feel ranges. These are designed such that your feeling every jerk as if you are wearing absolutely nothing at all. What’s A Rabbit Vibrator & Should You Be Using One?Make use of some added lubricating substance to lower friction and also sensation.

Additional Safe: Try Durex Additional Safe Condoms

Think about Durex Additional Safe condoms if you are more careful as well as want some added safety and security. These are thinker that regular prophylactics supplying an extra layer of defense. They minimize the body-heat moved making for longer long lasting erection due to the fact that of the thickness.

What It Means If You Feel Like Crying After Sex can enliven your lovemaking. From birth control, to illness avoidances, to additional sensations and also boosted intimacy, you are in for new erotic experiences that will certainly not just improve your sex life yet likewise bring you with each other as a couple.

Prophylactic Safety And Security Safety Measures

In spite of the defense provided by a lot of prophylactics, they can degrade in strength and also loss effectiveness otherwise made use of or saved appropriately:

Don’t use a prophylactic past the expiration date. Condom products degrade with time boosting damage possibility.

Make certain your condoms are kept properly. Durex condoms need to be kept in an amazing completely dry area away from direct sunshine.

Prior to infiltration, press the air out of the idea to stay clear of pressure accumulation. This can trigger the prophylactic to ruptured.

Never ever make use of oil-based lubricants with condoms. They damage the surface making the prophylactic much more vulnerable to breakage.

Use a prophylactic each time you have sex. This will certainly minimize your chances of calling sexually undesirable maternities or transmitted conditions.

The Takeaway

Although the kind of prophylactic you get depends upon your individual preference, placed into factor to consider your companion’s desires. It’s enjoyable to try out different materials, texture, experiences and also flavours up until you both choose one or a number of favourites. See Peaches and Screams and also pick from a large range of Durex prophylactics. We are honored to companion with Durex to bring you a considerable line of unique Durex condoms with different appearances as well as flavours. Always safeguard yourself and also your companion with premium quality Durex Condom. You don’t need to be timid about your sensual demands. Simply check out Peaches and also Screams web site, acquire your Durex items as well as we will discreetly provide to your front door. Love sex with Durex, you know it’s what you genuinely imagine!

Durex prophylactics are designed to supply an added sensation and satisfaction throughout sex. Durex condoms come in various product from latex, non-latex and genuine feel. For extra intimacy, Durex has slim prophylactics under the Thin Feel, Intimate Feeling and also Ultra-Thin Feeling ranges. If you are extra careful and desire some extra safety and security, think about Durex Extra Safe prophylactics. We are proud to companion with Durex to bring you a considerable line of exotic Durex prophylactics with various structures and flavours.